AIC One Minute Formulas are available in wipes and sprays.

Formulas: PEAK™ and WEDGE™

Packaging: Wipes and Sprays


 All AIC Formulas Feature:

True One Minute™ Kill Claims

Ours vs Other Brands: Wipes Kill Times and Kill Claims Chart

Our True One Minute™ Disinfectant Formulas kill ALL pathogens on their labels in One Minute.

Kill Time is the time a product takes to kill a given pathogen, while Contact Time is the time a product takes to kill ALL pathogens on their EPA accepted label.  PEAK™ and WEDGE™ are True One Minute™ Disinfectants, with a One Minute Kill Time for ALL Kill Claims! What’s the point of using a product that kill SOME pathogens in one minute or less, when it doesn’t kill ALL of the listed pathogens in that time? You hope your customers train their staff according to product labels and let the product work to its highest potential. But why risk confusion and only partial disinfection with competitors’ almost one-minute and two-step products?

Check the EPA label kill claims of our competitors. Some of their products have longer kill times on specific organisms that are more difficult to kill, such as M. bovis (Tuberculosis), Poliovirus, T. mentagrophytes (Fungus). Even their so-called one-minute  products may have fast kill times on the easier to kill pathogens (one minute or less), but longer (2 minute to 10 minute) kill times on the more difficult pathogens.  They do not kill all 25-48 pathogens on AIC’s labels in one minute, and also have gaps in their coverage.

Always check the “Contact Time” section of the product label to make sure you kill the pathogens properly.

The US EPA requires every authorized label to show the true “Contact Time” for the product. This is the actual time required to kill all pathogens listed on the product label.

Superb Surface Compatibility

Materials Tested

Our products will not damage most surfaces, including steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, plastics, fiberglass, vinyl and most painted surfaces.  They’ll also clean up residue left by competing products!  WEDGE™ and PEAK™ Wipes are also compliant with the CDC Guideline For Disinfection and Sterilization Of Healthcare Facilities as a broad spectrum healthcare surface disinfectant.

One Step Disinfection

AIC products clean and disinfect surfaces in one step.  Competing two-step products require one application to clean, and another to disinfect; causing you to use twice as much!  AIC Disinfectant Formulas allows them to manage patient turnover more efficiently. They are registered with the EPA for use without pre-cleaning, (in most circumstances) and have been tested under organic load in order to meet the One Step cleaning and disinfection requirements of the US EPA.

Several other products require that any surface, even one that appears to be clean, be wipes with one wipe before disinfecting with another.  That’s two wipes just to disinfect a surface that is visibly clean.  Those two step products waste time and money, compared with a genuine EPA registered One Step product such as the ones that we offer.

Low Toxicity

AIC One Minute Formulas kill the top 48 and 25 pathogens with faster overall contact times than any other hard surface disinfectant product, in all major pathogen categories of bacteria, viruses, tuberculosis and fungi. No other major disinfectant formula can match them.  Our Disinfectant Wipes have a low toxicity profile. Users are not required to wear gloves or face masks solely because of the product contents; although most standard infection control protocols will call for some similar protective equipment to keep staff safe from body fluid contamination. Rooms and equipment can be used one minute after application of the disinfectant without discomfort to the patients.



Disinfectant Wipes

Canister Form Factor

  • Wipe Sizes and Count per Canister: from 6” x 6.75” up to 8” x 14” in 50, 100, and 160 count sizes
  • Canisters per Case: 12

Soft Pack Form Factor

  • Wipe Sizes and Count per Canister: any wipe size from 5” x 5” up to 10” x 12” in 20 count up to 100 count formats
  •  Soft Packs per Case: 24


Bottle Form Factor

  • Unit Volume: Quart (32 oz.) and Liter bottles
  • Bottles per Case: 12


Ours vs Other Brands: Wipes Kill Times and Kill Claims Chart