North American Infection Control Ltd. (NAIC)

North American Infection Control Ltd. (NAIC) is a health sciences company that develops and licenses EPA regulated hard surface disinfectant formulas and products.  NAIC is the parent company of American Infection Control. Inc.

NAIC has developed the EPA registered WEDGE™ disinfectant formulas in a liquid spray format (EPA Reg. No. 88494-1) and a wipes format (EPA Reg. No. 88494-2), with a 1 minute kill time specifically designed to work faster than any other formula in the healthcare industry. The Wedge formula kills the 25 top pathogens that are critical in healthcare facilities, including drug resistant bacteria, mycobacteria (the causative agent for Tuberculosis), enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, and fungi, without damaging surfaces the way some competitor products can.  Most recently NAIC has also developed the EPA registered PEAK™ disinfectant formula, also available in a liquid spray format (EPA Reg. No. 88494-3) and a wipes format (EPA Reg. No. 88494-4).  PEAK™ kills the same 25 pathogens as WEDGE™ and also adds 23 additional kill claims, for a total of 48 kills.  The new kills include efficacy against additional drug resistant bacteria, viruses, and pathogens of particular interest to the Veterinary community.


American Infection Control, Inc. (AIC)

NAIC licenses the Wedge Formula to American Infection Control, Inc., which produces private label disinfectant and antiseptic programs for OEM’s in the United States and Canada. Disinfectants are offered under Supplemental Distributor (sub-registration) agreements in accordance with US EPA and state by state requirements.


International Infection Control Alliance

AIC has created an international alliance of manufacturing, formulation and Intellectual Property companies with expertise in the creation of superior infection control products:










Science and Regulatory Compliance

AIC products are developed in full compliance with the guidelines and regulatory requirements of the US EPA. AIC also develops products for the Canadian market. All Canadian products obtain Health Canada approval and registration.