Using AIC Disinfectant Products in the Fight Against Human Coronavirus and COVID-19

The US EPA recognizes certain disinfectant products as being able to fight Emerging Viral Pathogens, which are new or novel viruses that are periodically identified, and which can spread quickly and threaten large populations. The criteria for disinfectants to be included in the Emerging Viral Pathogens program are very strict, and only a limited number of EPA registered disinfectants can qualify.

Since instituting this procedure in 2016 the EPA has, for the first time, triggered the approval of some products to make a claim against an Emerging Viral Pathogen. That pathogen is SARS-CoV-2, which is responsible for the spread of COVID-19.

Both American Infection Control® formulas, Wedge™ and Peak™, have demonstrated efficacy against Human Coronavirus, through EPA accepted laboratory testing.

Our Peak™ formula, found in Peak™ Disinfectant and Peak™ Disinfectant Wipes, and several Supplemental Distributor brands, is also qualified to claim efficacy against Emerging Viral Pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2.

Products that are based on the Peak™ formula, which can also claim efficacy against both Human Coronavirus in general, and SARS-CoV-2 specifically, include:

SaniZide Pro 1 Ready-To-Use Liquid Disinfectant (EPA Reg. No. 88494-3-67161) and

SaniZide Pro 1 Surface Disinfectant Wipes (EPA Reg. No. 88494-4-67161), from

Safetec of America, Inc.

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Oracle 1 (EPA Reg. No. 88494-3-11547) from

Share Corporation

(800) 776-7192